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Kryis: (The Believer)

Design Consultant. Fancy term for "selling custom window-fashions"
She enjoys manga, anime, & most other things Japanese. Has made the 2nd bedroom into the Lost Library of Alexandria, because of all the books she reads. She also likes helping out with her husband's drama productions, geocaching, anything spooky or morbid, purple things and tormenting her poor husband.

Bryan: (The Skeptic)

Teaches high school drama in San Jose California. He enjoys anything LEGO, Geocaching, traveling, collecting toys, Farscape (especially Chiana), MINIs, Rollercoasters, and a bunch of other stuff.


We met in high school P.E. class in San Jose, CA. We spent three years flirting with each other. Neither one of us had enough courage to admit to the other that we "liked" each other until after Kryis had already graduated. We dated for three months, and broke up. We got back together a few months later and dated for about a half a year, and broke up. We saw each other infrequently for twelve years, going easily two to three years between times we would run into each other. And then... Twelve years later we rekindled our friendship and eight months later we began dating for the 3rd time. Two years after that we were married and that spawned this website. "It was a long way, down a crooked path," to quote my favorite movie, Joe Vs. The Volcano.

Ghost Hunting:

We do not claim, nor pretend to be "professional" ghost hunters or experts on the paranormal. We simply enjoy exploring haunted places. We do have some equipment we bring with is, but it is merely stuff anyone could get from their local electronics store. We do research the location, conduct interviews, and explore the location ourselves as part of our investigations.

Our Mission:

We hope to continue to stay at purportedly haunted inns and hotels, and to explore more haunted locations and report on them via this website. Check back for updates on other locations. If you have any questions about any of these places drop us an email.

On the following pages we rate the quality of the attraction (if it is a tour or site) or accomodations (if it is a hotel) with a 1 to 5 star rating. (5 being the best) We also rate the believability and quality of the stories surrounding the site. These are given in a 1 to 5 spider rating. Some of the stories listed come straight from people that live, work at, or have visited the sites in questions, and some we have compiled from various book and web sources. If you find any of our reviews helpful (or even if you think we are way off), please let us know by sending us an email.

Each review includes pictures of the site. Those with possible supernatural phenomenon are gathered on our Ghostly Images? page.

As a courtesy, we have included the links to the official website of the hotel or location if applicable. Enjoy.