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About Biba Restaurant

Known as the Old Tavern Building, the structure that now houses Biba was once used as a tavern (hence the name) and a bordello, (don't all old buildings seem to have at one time been brothels?) Another trait this building shares with other old building we have visited is that what is now the first floor was once the second floor.

Biba itself is an upscale Italian restaurant.

Ghost Stories

The stories surrounding the haunting of this building are inconsistent due to the confusion about what floor of the building the restaurant is on. According to what I have read the current ground floor of the building was at one time the second floor. Some reports imply that the restaurant is on the current second floor (which it is not). Most accounts seem to suggest that the haunting is on the current second floor (which is occupied by offices) and includes phenomena such as the sounds of a party occuring when no one is there, phones and other electircal equipment not working. There was one report of a ghost appearing in a large mirror that once hung behind the bar, but this source also spoke as if the restaurant was on the current second floor.

Our Visit: The food is classy italian style and had about another 30 min until opening. We sat at the bar waiting with our drinks and spoke to the bartender. He never had seen the ghost. The 3rd floor (now 2nd) is now offices.

After a great dinner, I asked the waiter for tales, but he only said that weird things happen upstairs and that he doesn’t go up there.

When asked for details about the place, he just told us to read the newspaper clipping on the wall near the restrooms.

Not seeing any sort of public stairway, we left the restaurant and took some outside pictures. It turned out that the offices were accessible through an unlocked door to the left side of the building. The door seemed like it was open to the public, and it took us upstairs to the various office suites. There were lots of doors, but nothing much too see except one interesting painted section of wall.

We took the elevator back down and went to the basement/first floor. You could see the original bricks and arches where windows & doors would have been.

On the way back to the car. We passed the dirt lot to the right of the building. Walking around the back, there was a great view of the underground tunnels due to the construction revealing the open space.

Our Review

Very good Italian food, not just your average spaghetti and meatballs kind of place. Our food was excellent and came out at just the right time.

The waiters were very attentive, and the atmosphere was upscale. This would make a nice place to bring a date or celebrate an event.

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