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About Luxor Las Vegas

The Luxor is perhaps the most unique hotel in Las Vegas. Modeled after the famed pyramids of Egypt, the Luxor is 350 feet high. The hollow interior creates the world's largest atrium. Construction began in 1991 and was completed in 1993. Two small ziggurat shaped towers were added to the sight later. It is connected by walkways to the Excalibur (to the north) and the Mandalay Bay (to the south). There is also a free shuttle that links the three hotels as well.

Ghost Stories

There are many ghost stories and legends linked to the Luxor hotel. it is said that as many as seven and a few as two construction workers died when a wall fell on them when the building was being constructed. These deaths may account for the hauntings reprted in the tunnels of the old river ride that used to circle the bottom floor of the casino. There have supposedly been two suiced deaths from people jumping into the atrium from the walkways around the interior. One of these was said to have jumped from the 26th floor and landed in the location of the old buffet. (which is now the area where the food court is.) According to the Haunted Vegas Tour, this person was a prostitute with aids. The hotel was so worried about contamination that they tore out the entirety of the old buffet. This woman is said to manifest by flowing on the backs of the nexts of people walking around the 26th floor (I have found some websites that claim that a ghost that does this haunts the 26th floor of the Excalibur hotel instead). A man was said to have jumped from the 10th floor and landing on the express check out counter (the check out counter has since been moved. The old location was on the side of the Mandalay Bay).

Our Review

He Says:

I have stayed in the pyramid once and in the towers once, and I gotta say I loved staying in the tower. Hearing the sound of the casino as soon as you open your door, and the view from the balcony was neat. Of course, that was back when you could actually put coins into slot machines. I miss the coins. Now there is no more sound of the jingling coins as they fall into the hopper. Oh well. One of my favorite casinos on the trip. I would definately stay there again if I wasn't so busy trying to stay at different hotels every time I visit. As a word of caution, be careful when leaning against the railing of the moving sidewalks connecting the Luxor to the Excalibur. I got grease all over the butt of my new khaki pants when I did just that traveling from the Excalibur to the Luxor. The Excalibur was kind enough to pay me $30 for the trouble.

She Says:

The best thing about this casino is that when you walk out of your room, you can hear the "ching ching ching" of the slots. The sound just shouts out: Yes. You are here. You are in Vegas. The rooms are well-decorated in egyptian theme, and ALWAYS get a room in the pyramid. You would really be missing out on the full experence of the Luxor if you don't! I also highly recommned the Pyramid Cafe. I have eaten there many times over the years and they have always served great food!!!.

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