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About Mann's Chinese Theater

Opened in 1927 by Sid Grauman as Grauman's Chinese Theater to a spectacular opening. Cecil B Demille's film The King of Kings premiered at the theater as thousands of fans packed the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars showing up for the event. The artifacts such as the bells and the stone dogs were imported from China for the theater by Sid Grauman. He wanted this to be his dream theater. In the forecourt are many concrete slabs with the hand and footprints of many celebrities. It is a popular Los Angeles attractions.

Ghost Stories

The ghost of actor Victor Killian is said to roam the forecourt at Mann's Cinese Theater looking for his murderer. It is said that he met a man in a bar near the theater and invited him up to his apartment for some drinks. Killian's body was found the next day, beaten to death. According to the Internet Movie DataBase, Killian was murdered by buglars who were robbing his house.

Our Review

Usually a pain to get to and always crowded during the day, Mann's Chinese is a definant toursit attraction. I have never seen a movie at the theater nor even been inside, but it is quite spectacular looking from the outside. Many movies have premiered at the theater and the unique forecourt are certainly an attraction, but there are other more impresive sites in Hollywood. I guess it would be better if it were not always so crowded.

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