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About Pacheco Pass (Highway 152)

Pacheco Pass is located in northern California near Gilroy. The area was named after Don Francisco Perez Pacheco who recieved a large land grant from Mexico that covered a large area that now includes the pass for which he is named. Originally inhabited by the Ausaymus Indians, the pass is lush and fertile. It has been used as a way through the mountains since the earliest days of the California gold rush. Highway 152, which uses the pass to connect Highway 101 to Interstate 5. It is a road with a bloody history of accidents plagued the road for years as sleepy drivers returning home late at night would cross over into oncoming traffic. The road has been improved many times, but still has more than its fair shair of accidents. The drive can be quite beautiful, and there are a lot of places of interst to visit just off the freeway in the pass such as San Luis Resevoir and Casa de Fruta.

Ghost Stories

There are a great many ghost stories connected to the Pacheco Pass, and most surprisingly are not based on the areas history of tragic accidents. The pass and highway have been featured on television shows, including SciFi Channel's "Sightings," and the Travel Channel's "Haunted Travels."

There are reports of a "Time Warp" are common. People claim that they have lost time somewhere on their trip through the pass.

There are reports of strange lights that appear in the sky above the pass at night, and always seem to appear in the same place.

Some people claim to see phantom stage coaches and men in western wear wandering around the pass.

People are said to become overwelmed by a feeling or sadness, apprehension, or dread as they drive through the pass.

A glowling light is supposed to emit from under the water of the San Luis Resevoir.

I have personally driven through the pass many times and never experienced any of the above phenomena.

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