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Ghostly Photographs?

Here are some photographs that we have taken that some may say shows evidence of paranormal activity. Recent theories suggest that "orb" photographs are nothing more than dust or other airborne particles highlighted by the cameras flash. We believe that our orb photographs are more than likely dust or other particles and not proof of paranormal activity, but we have presented them here for you to draw your own conclusions.

Green Valley Park

We have four photographs from green valley park all taken from approximately the same angle and all within just a few seconds of each other. Compare the four photographs and you will notice and odd shadowy shape between the mailbox and the edge of the picture in the fourth photograph. What is it? We have no idea.

Here is the same photograph with an oval around the odd shape.

This is a close-up on the shadowy figure. Click on the picture for a better view. You can see what might be two glowing white eyes and a face on the top of the shadow. We did not notice this figure when the picture was taken. It is not something on the lens, the object is clearly behind the table in the foreground.

Old Adobe Chapel

Most likely dust. You can compare this photo to a photo of the tree taken about a minute later on our Adobe Chapel Photographs page.

There is an orb on the ceiling.

Orb near the two people in foreground and another in the middle of the second pew from the bottom.

Whaley House

Probably a reflection. This Photo was taken through clear plexiglass and the odd light shape on the left of the photograph is most likely a reflection of the flash.

There is an odd image on the left half of the picture stretching from nar the chair to the ceiling. The line is most likely a reflection from the mirror on the wall oposite the bed, we are not sure what the source of the light near the chair is.

La Casa de Estudillo

It had just begun to sprinkle when this photograph was taken, so the orb here is likely a raindrop.

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