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Winchester Mystery House Photographs

Winchester Mystery House flashlight tour photographs

Ghost or reflection, you decide.


The house before the 1906 earthquake

The Front Door (used only by three people)

The Door to Nowhere

The Thriteenth Bathroom

The Grounds

View from the Fourth Floor Balcony

The Fourth Floor

The Original Back Porch of the 8 room Farmhouse

The View from the Back Porch

The Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom Exterior

The Fountains

A Bedroom

The Third Floor Call Room

The Conservatories

The Thirteen Hole Daisy Drain

The Daisy Bedroom (Where Mrs. WInchester was trapped in the 1906 Earthquake)

The Bedroom where she died

The Crescent Shaped Hedge that "points" to the room where she died

The Venitian Dining Room


She was THAT short?

Easy Risers

One of the elevators



One of the kitchens

The Linen Room

The Largest Cupboard (the back of the house)

The Smallest Cupboard (about an inch deep)

The Oriental Bedroom

The Seance Room

The Spiderweb Window

The $25,000 Storeroom

The prismatic window that will never see direct sunlight

The stairs to nowhere

Upside-down posts and columns

Thirteen Drain Holes

Innovative kitchen counters


The "Y" Staircase

Other Rooms

An original stove?

Part of the roof


Unfinished Rooms

Kryis and her Dream Home

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