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About the Delta King

The Delta King is a hotel converted from an old river boat. Located on the Sacramento River in Old Town, the hotel includes a restaurant, the Pilothouse, and banquet, conference, and meeting rooms.

Ghost Stories

The main ghost said to haunt the Delta King is that of a little girl. She appears to be about 9 to 10 years old with dirty blonde hair who wears a full length dress. We were told by several crew members that she is only seen by men. She mostly manifests as giggling heard in the hallways or as footprints in the morning dew on the deck of the boat. One waiter on the boat saw the little girl by the dry storage room that was once the boiler/engine room. He saw her bouncing a ball, but when he looked back she was gone. The explanation for her death and haunting given to us by the employees was that she was raped and murdered by a crewmember.  The staff that we talked to mentioned that the girl has a name, but she could not remember it.

Another spirit that still lingers aboard the Delta King is that of a man. He appears wearing a light shirt, dark pants, and some sort of hat. He has been seen walking along the lobby wall like he is going to the office door, but he doesn’t go through; he turns and walks away.

Other manifestations that have not been attributed to a specific spirit include the random breaking of unattended glasses in the lounge. A staff member we interviewed told us about a time when she found a chair in the elevator that belonged in the theater which was locked at the time.

Some strange occurances happened in our stay. While we were talking to staff members in the lounge a glass cracked in the hands of one of them when she put ice in it. The glass was not warm when she did this.

While we were having breakfast in the Pilothouse Restaurant a menu tilted, fell over, and knocked into a glass which broke. The wait staff came over to clean and reset the table and the same menu tipped again, and broke yet another glass.

A menu tilted & fell, knocking over a glass which broke. The staff cleaned it up, reset the table. The same menu fell, knocked over the new glass and it broke too.

Our full camera battery also drained over the course of one night.

Our Review

The rooms are small, but confortable. The restaurant was very good, and the location amidst old town and near the train museum is convinient. The parking situation was not the greatest, however. There was suppossed to be a valet, but both when we arrived and left there was no one there. Cars are squeezed together in a very small area. Luckily enough we were not packed in too tightly when it was time for us to leave..

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