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About the "haunted" Toys "R" Us:

Not many people in the area have not heard about the "haunted" Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, CA. (near San Jose). The building was built in 1970 on the land formery owned by Martin Murphy Jr. (A prominent figure in Santa Clara County History) The store and its story have been featured on many television shows over the years. We have investigated another haunted Toys "R" Us in Eugene Oregon

Ghost Stories:

Shortly after the store opened in 1970s the stores employees were plagued with cold spots, toys being taken out of the box or left in the middle of the aisle after they had been neatly placed on the shelves the night before. It is said that the ghost will turn on the water in the bathrooms and tap people on the shoulder. Famous psychic Sylvia Brown investigated the site and held a seance. She found that the man was named John, or Yon, or Johan. I have heard conflicting reports of who "Yonny" was in life. He was either an employee of the ranch that formerly occupied the area, or a travling preacher that set up a tent in the area, or both. The story goes (I cannot confirm or deny which or if either of these stories came directly from Sylvia Brown or not) that John was chopping wood in the area and his axe slipped as he was bringing it down. He missed the wood and the axe struck his leg instead. He bled to death on the spot. Yon is said to have been in love with a woman named Beth (Beth is apparantly Elizabeth Yuba Murphy Tafee), but either the love was unrequited or Yon's relationship with Beth was not condoned. Now Yonny waits for Beth in the area. I have heard reports that some of the other stores in the same area as the Toys "R" Us have experienced paranormal activity as well, but to a lessened degree.

Our Review:

There is so much local legend built up into the "Haunted" Toys "R" Us, it is hard to tell the truth from the fiction. One of these years I will have to take a part time job there and combine two of my current hobbies--collecting toys and investigating haunted places. It is certainly a good place to buy toys.

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