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About The Toys "R" Us in Eugene, OR

The second haunted Toys "R" Us that we have investigated. The first was the Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, CA.

Ghost Stories

Deb, who has worked in the store since 1993, says that the store is definately haunted. In the stock room above the electronics section banging noises can be heard and things seem to move out of the corner of your eye. Once she was standing in the electronics section and heard magazines flipping, she went over to the racks and saw them just falling off of the rack. No one else was around.

She originally lived in San Jose and worked at the Toys "R" Us on Winchester Boulevard; she said that that Toys "R" Us also had strange happenings.

Jill, who has been working there since 2001, was closing up one night with a coworker named Ben. They heard the overhead making beeping noises with music playing. They both left wuickly afterwards.

She heard a story about three women working as an overnight crew, they heard voices coming from the womans bathroom, but there was no one in there.

Our Review

We were surprised when we read that there was another Toys "R" Us in the world that was supposed to be haunted. We were always familiar with the one in Sunnyvale. We didn't really get to explore much, but who cares, it was an excuse to go into a Toys "R" Us!

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