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About the Las Vegas Hilton

The Las Vegas Hilton is a large hotel that is slightly off strip and near the Las Vegas Convention Center. The hotel was built in 1969 and has 3,174 rooms. Elvis played their numerous times when he was in Las Vegas and stayed in the penthouse suite while he was there. This suite stretched across the entirety of the top floor. The hotel has gone through two expansions since its original contruction and the top floor is now significantly larger than it was on Elvis's initial stay. Both enlargements happened while Elvis was still periodically performing there, however. After Elvis's last performance there in 1976, Liberace had a succesful run at the casino.

The original sign, which fell in 1997, was the largest free standing sign in the world. Its replacement, although smaller than the original, is still the world's largest.

The hotel was the site of a fire in 1981 just 90 days after the devastating fire of the old MGM Grand, and of the infamous Tailhook Scandal.

The hotel currently houses the Star Trek Experience, a science fiction themed casino area, and Quark's Bar (a restaurant made to resemble Quark's Bar from the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Ghost Stories:

Elvis has not left the building. Yes, The King of Rock n' Roll himself is said to haunted the Las Vegas Hilton. He is said to haunted numerous locations in the building. His ghost has been seen in the penthouse suite. Initially all one suite it is now divided into smaller suites. (One of them is occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of this writing.) Elvis' ghost has been spotted in a freight elevator that he often took refuge in from his adoring fans. He has also been spotted in the basement area underneath the theater where he would hang out with the musicians, and backstage where he has been seen by stagehandds. It has even been reported that Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton has seen the ghost of Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton. (these stories all assembled from the Haunted Vegas Tour)

Our Review:

He Says:

Unfortunately we are not wealthy enough to afford the penthouse suite, we do not know Barry Manilow, and we didn't have access to the freight elevator...so... our exploration of the hotel was limited to the public access areas. OK, you caught me, it was limited mostly to Quark's and the blackjack table I lost $100 dollars at.

I have never actually stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton, it has become a tradition for me to eat at Quark's Bar every time I visit the city going back to when me and my friends (in our single days) would visit sin city once a year. The food is decent, the atmosphere is neat (as long as you stay in the bar area which used to be the smoking section), and the drinks are unusual. I had a warp core breach on my first visit with my friends and although I did not enjoy its taste, the shear size and the fact that it come bubbling and smoking because of the dry ice is a nice twist.

She Says:

While we have yet to stay the night at this location we have visited Quark's and the Star Trek Experience two times now. The majority of the Hilton a normal casino, but in this specific area they have done a really good job to make it feel like you are in the Star Trek world.
They even include walking characters (a vulcan, a klingon and a ferengi, while we were there.) If there's one thing I enjoy in a casino, it's a good in-depth theme.

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