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About Haunted Vegas Tour

The Haunted Vegas Tour was started by Robert Allen in 2004 and leaves out of the Greek Isles Hotel/Casino. Before the tour there is a short stage show featuring magic acts and some video clips about some of the haunted locations featured on the tour. The V.I.P. tour consists of a tour bus ride around Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada and a set of dowsing rods that you are invited to use in Green Valley Park (which we have reviewed on a seperate page). The show and tour last approximately 2 and a half hours. We went back to most of the places featured on the tour explore them more completely.

Ghost Stories:

Most of the ghost stories told on the tour are taken from other sources, which the tour guide, Jac Hayden, freely admitted, although they leave off any stories that are unsubstantiated or undocumented. What criteria used to make these determinations was not explained. The tour starts at the Greek Isles casino and as we left the tour guide told us stories of hauntings at the Stratosphere Hotel and the Oasis Motel (two sites the tour does not actually pass).

The Stratosphere Tower

The Tower has been the site of two suicides. A teenager who climbed over the railing and jumped after an arguement with his parents. According to the tour guide drugs were found in his system during the autopsy. The ghosts are said to be seen near the escaltors to the entrance of the tower's elevator.

Oasis Motel

David Strickland (imdb link) an actor who appeared in the Brooke Shield's sitcom Suddenly Susan was found dead in room 20 of the Oasis Motel on March 22 1999, the victim of an apparant suicide. He had tied a bedsheet around his neck and hung himself from a ceiling beam.

Bally's Hotel Casino

Once the MGM Grand Hotel before they built the current MGM Grand and sold the old one to Ballys. It was the site of a disastrous fire in 1983 that killed 84 people. At the time the hotel was built Nevada law did not require Hotels to have smoke detectors in areas that were occupied 24 hours a day (with the assumption that an employee of the area would notice the fire and report it). The area where the fire broke out was not used all day by the year the fire broke out. Furthermore, the fire started in the walls where no one would have been able to see it. Most victims died of smoke inhalation as they tried to escape. Some bodies were allegedly found in the stairwells still holding on to each other. We have a page dedicated to Bally's Hotel Casino.

The Flamingo Hotel

Next we were taken to the Flamingo Hotel where Bugsy Siegel is said to haunt two locations of the hotel he helped build. The penthouse suite of the new hotel which is said to have the gold bathroom fictures that used to be in his apartment, and the area around his memorial in the "jungle" behind the hotel near the wedding chapel. According to our tour guide, that area used to be occupied by Bugsy's appartment. This is one of the two locations where we were lead off the bus and allowed to explore a location. We have a page dedicated to the Flamingo Hotel and its hauntings.

Tupac Shakur Memorial

We drove by the spot on Flamingo Road where Tupac Shakur was gunned down by unknown assailants in a drive by shooting. There is a street pole at this location that is used as a memorial to the rap star. Tupac has on a few occasions been seen walking in the area late at night.

Tupac's street

We were driven by the street upon which Tupac Lived. His house is on Road. It is said that neighbors have seen him walking along the balcony that stretches across the front of his former home. This is a private residence and is not open to the public.

6660 Pecos

The house across the street from the entrance to Wayne Newton's Casa de Shenandoah estate, 6660 Pecos, is constantly changing hands because it is haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl who was taken there by Hell's Angels or another biker gang where they performed satanic rituals on her before killing her. Her body was found in the house. It was very dark when we drove by on the tour and difficult to photograph, so we returned to the location the following day. It is in the midst of being remodeled. We did not seen the address marked on the property, but according to the tour guide the owners are constantly changing the address to avoid the "666" demarcation the house originally had. While no one was living at the house at the time, if you visit the location remember to be respectful of the owners.

Redd Foxx's house.

The home onced occupied by Redd Foxx, of Sanford and Son fame, is now a real estate agency. The home was known to be haunted before the current business occupied the home and performed an exorcism and had a medium tell them to paint a red fox on both sides of their sign to appease him. He is still there, however, playing pranks on the people that work in the office.

Green Valley Park

There are two stories surrounding Green Valley Park in Henderson. It is said that in the 70's two boys were killed and there bodies were dumped in the park. According to Jac, our tour guide, the court records about the event were sealed and it is impossible to find information regarding the names of the children. However their ghosts have been seen in the area of the barbacue near the front of the park. The tours website has an enteresting photograph taken at the location by a member of the tour. We have an odd photograph of the area also that can be seen on our Ghostly Images? page. We also have a full page dedicated to Green Valley Park.

The other story surrounds the death of another person whose body, from what I remember, was also found in the park. His family placed a plaque and a tree in the park to memorialize him. Jac mentioned the tree was too far away to allow us to see. However, when we went back in the daytime we found the tree not really very far from where we were, and learned the name: Christopher Brown. Doing some internet research we discovered that 29 year old Henderson resisdent Christopher D. Brown died while attempting to cross a Interstate 15 on foot. (news article). The dates listed on the memorial plaque match the year of death and age. We do not know what significance this park had to Mr. Brown.

Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens

The restaurant is housed in a building that was designed by the famed pianist Liberace and is located adjacent to the Liberace museum. Liberace is said to be seen starring at guests inside the banquet room in the back through the window from the outside. Other stories about his presense in the building include a story about how one day all of the power switched off suddenly with no explanation. The other businesses in the area still had their power. When one of the waitresses remembered it was Liberace's birthday they sang happy birthday to him. When they were done the power was restored. The owners had an electrician come out on the following day, but he found nothing wrong with the electrical system. Another story involves a large tree in a planter near the bar in the piano room. Someone said something insulting of Liberace and the tree fell over. It took three men to set the tree back up again. We have a full page dedicated to Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens that include information from employees of the restaurant and our review.

We also were driven by Liberace's house, but no stories of the supernatural were conveyed.


There have been a couple suicides in the Luxor pyramid. According to the tour, one of them fell from the 26th floor into the area that was once the buffet. The person who jumped was suffering from AIDS and as a precaution the hotel closed the buffet and moved it to a seperate part of the building out of fear of contamination. The second person jumped from the 10th floor and hit the ground around the area of what was once the express check out. On the tenth floor guests report having someone whisper in their ear, or blow down their neck only to turn around and see no one there. (according to some web sources this phenomena occurs on the 10th floor of the adjacent Excalibur Hotel, although it does not specifically mention which of the two towers of the Excalibur.)

The old Nile River ride that was only open for a few years after the hotel opened was said to be haunted, potentially by ghosts of men who died when the building was being constructed and a wall fell on them.

We have a page dedicated to the Luxor Hotel Casino.

Las Vegas Hilton

The ghost of Elvis is said to haunt the entire top floor of the hotel (now broken up in to smaller suites with one occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of our visit) He has also been seen in the basement near the theater and in a freight elevator that he used to ride in to avoid the crowds of fans that would follow him. We have a page dedicated to the Las Vegas Hilton.

Our Review:

He Says:

While I found the pre-show to a be a little cheesey, the actual tour portion is entertaining and informative. They freely admit they got some of their stories from other sources, but they cite some of them on the tour. Our tour guide, Jac Hayden, was funny, friendly, and informative. I enjoyed the opportunities we had to depart the bus and explore two of the locations. It was on one of these excursions that my wife took the photo of the strange shadowy shape that is clearly not there in other photographs

She Says:

If you enjoy ghost stories, macabre humor and have a few hours to spend, I recommend this tour. I think that it is a real sign of professional integrity that they do not promote random rumors. When other guests would ask "What about the one I heard about...", they stated that they did not wish to promote stories that had no research to substantiate them. So they may know more stories, but they only wish to present the best of the best and the most documented tales.

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