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About Moss Beach Distillery

Originally established as a speakeasy during prohibition, The Moss Beach Distillery is a restaurant in Moss Beach, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant offers exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean and high quality food. The restaurant has a very tongue in cheek way of celebrating its resident ghost (see Our Review at the bottom of the page for more information). The ceiling art of a bull and bullfighter in the bar is original from the buildings days as a speakeasy.

Ghost Stories:

The "Blue Lady" is the most famous guest of the Moss Beach Distillery. She is called the Blue Lady in reference to the blue dresses she is often seen wearing. Her haunting has been featured on several television shows including Unsolved Mysteries. Her identity is a mystery as is her cause of death, but there are a few theories. Loyd Aurebach, a prominent parapyschologist, has investigated the hauntings at the Distillery many times with different pyschics and come up with several names. Some have picked up on the name Elizabeth, while others Cayte. There is also a story of a Mary Ellen who was in love with a piano player who worked there. She was already married and had a child while she was having her affair. She died tragically in an automobile accident. Another story connected to the piano player involes a woman who threw herself off the cliffs near the Distillery when she discovered that the piano player had other lovers.

In our interviews with the staff we were told that none of them knew of anyone who had seen her apparition in recent years, although they mentioned several unusual occurances involving strange sounds and bottles behind the bar moving from one place to another when no one was looking. Doors have also spontaneously locked themselves.

Matt, our waiter, mentioned that a bartender's sister went downstairs only to come back up into the main part of the building to see a mist shape in the bar room.

The bartender told us that when he was new and still just a busboy that he folded up all of the patio blankets and arranced the benches as he was supposed to do. When he came back inside the manager told him to go fold the patio blankets. When he went back outside one set of the chairs had moved against the shed and all the blankets were unfolded. He locked them in the shed.

The Manager reported that he was cleanign up behind the bar moving bottles around, he went downstairs to the storage room only to return and find all the bottles moved back to their original positions.

Our Review:

He Says:

The food was excellent, with prices ranging from $30.00 to $60.00 for most dishes. The decor is nice, and the view is excelent. The bar is set up with numerous simulated paranormal activities in a kind of tongue in cheek way. If you take a seat at the bar, do not be surprised if your stool suddenly seems to be shrinking, or if the lights above the bar begin to sway. These are all mechanical effects not the supernatural. In the womans bathroom the image of a blue woman will appear in the mirror as well. They used to have a video loop that appeared to be old black and white film footage that would interupt the television, but guests started to complain when this would happen in the middle of sporting events so that effect was removed. They also used to have tables that would vibrate, but things would fall off of the tables so they go rid of that trick. I did find it odd that a restaurant with such a high class menu and a rich paranormal history would have such a tongue in cheek way of celebrating it. I guess it is almost a Chuck E. Cheese's and a 4 star restaurant rolled into one.

She Says:

AWESOME SCALLOPS!!! It is odd the way that the food is First Class, but the fx are played up about their ghost... The Bathroom mirror is just cheesy. The lamps and stools are kind of neat though!

Oh, if only this place were closer to home!!!

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