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About Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is an amusement park in southern california just a little north of Los Angeles. It opened in 1971 and has had numerous significant contributions to the science of rollercoasters. Among the parks accomplisments are opening the worlds first looping rollercoaster, the Revolution, in 1976, the first roller coaster to break 100 MPH, Superman: the escape, and the first "4th Dimensional Coaster," X. The Park has changed hands a few times over the years, and is currently operated by the Six Flags corporation. Recently it was announced that Six Flags was exploring options to sell the park, but nothing concrete has yet been determined about the park's future.

Ghost Stories

In speaking with several employees of the park on our summer 2006 visit we got some interesting stories. Most of these stories were from Vickie, an eleven year veteran with the park.

There is a "grey man" that is sometimes seen at the Jet Stream, the "boat ride." Additionally, sometimes people on the ride and the station will feel their hair being pulled.

On the Psyclone, before there were three clicks on the safety restraints, a "fat woman" was thrown off the ride when the restraint failed. (We have found no reference to this person on any amusement related death list.) Also, the tunnel at Psyclone will have the sound of people walking in it when there isn't anyone around.

Indians are said to have been seen wandering around Samurai Summit.

Some internet sources claim the following hauntings:

There is supposedly a child in a striped shirt that will run around and through the supports underneath the Colossus at night. Sometimes the chain lift and the anti roll-backs on the lift hill can be heard when the ride is shut down for the night.

The telephone in the Goliath Station is said to receive odd telephone calls from an otherworldly source after the park has closed. Feelings of dread have also been reported.

Cold spots and feelings of sadness and of being watched on the Revolution have been attributed to an employee that was killed on the ride when she stepped onto the track and was dragged by the train.

The apparition of a woman in a white dress has been seen in the area around the magic pagoda at night

Our Review

The best collection of roller coasters west of the Mississippi River, and arguably the best in the United States. "X" is our favorite rollercoaster and the world's first "4th Dimensional Coaster." Other impressive rides at the park include Tatsu, Riddler's Revenge, Scream, and Deja Vu. Anyone with a love of rollercoasters should enjoy this park. The long standing war with Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio has lead to a great many wonderful rides being built at both locations over the past decade. Currently there is uncertainty about the park's future due to its owners (Six Flags) announcing they were considering selling the park or the real estate under the park to help the company pay off some of its debts. Hopefully the park is able to maintain operation and continue its coaster war with Cedar Point. I doubt, regardless of the conclusion, that the coaster war will continue, unfortuately.

If there is one thing that Magic Mountain is lacking, it is theming. We wish that the themed areas were more consistent.

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