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About the Victorian Rose

One of the most unique inns you are likely to come across, the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast is a converted church. Built in 1888, the church features a 96 foot tall steeple and stained glass windows. The building housed two different congregations consecutively (the first moved to a different building) and briefly operated as a wedding chapel and antique store before being converted over a span of two years into a bed and breakfast by its current owners. The decor of the bed and breakfast is very ecclectic with a definate religious theme, appropriate considering the building's history. There are numerous architectural elements and furniture pieces that have been decorated with beautifully done faux finishes and a plethora of cherubs and angels peeking out from almost every nook and cranny.

Ghost Stories

There are many ghost stories surrounding the Victorian Rose. There almost seems to be one ghost per guest room. The most common story is that of a woman who fell to her death from the choir loft (now the emperor's bedroom). Some guests staying in the Emperor's Bedroom have heard her singing. In the Timeless Treasures room a specrtal minister is said to sometimes tuck the guests into bed at night. If you are staying in the Fleur-de-Lis room you might enjoy a foot massage during the night even though your partner is fast asleep. In the large central room that was once the sanctuary of the church, footsteps can sometimes be heard even though there is no one else in the room. We have some photographs of articles about the Victorian Rose and haunted Ventura on our Victorian Rose Photographs page. One of the articles was written by noted Ventura ghost hunter Richard Senate.

The owner used to be more interested in the supernatural aspects of his place, but now seemed inclined not to discuss it with us. He did however state that his brother-in-law has received a spectral foot massage.

Our Review

She Says:

Walking through the small door on the side, you can smell the age of the place. Then you approach the main room. And what a room! Everywhere you look, another treasure waiting to be discovered.. Antique furniture,books, dolls...
Then there are the bedrooms. The Fleur-de-Lis room has cherubs adorning its walls. To its right, the Wisteria room with its summers tints of light blues and pale yellows. The Victorian Rose room is decorated in red and greens. Across the main room, is the Timeless Treasures room with its beautiful stained glass hues. The best,in my opinion, is the Emperor's Room, once the old choir loft; however, I have a soft spot for asian decor...
There is a sense of peace, an aura of calm. It is the kind of place that you feel you can stay up late at night curled up with an old book... Granted, the chreubs and dolls are a bit creepy to me, but I suppose I have watched too many spooky movies...

He Says:

It reminded me a lot of Abigail's Elegant Victorian in Eureka, Ca--Stuff to look at everywhere. It made me wish that the Victorian Rose had a scrabble game like Abigail's did. The sheer number of cherubs and dolls could get a bit disturbing, but the decor was beautiful. The innkeeper, Richard, was extremely nice, helpful, and a pleasure to talk with. Unfortunately his wife, Nona, had broken her leg sometime before our visit, so we did not get to meet her. She is the half of the couple mostly responsible for the beautiful faux finishes throughout the inn. and although we were staying in the Fluer-de-Lis room and I could have used one after walking around all day on the hills of Magic Mountain, I did not get a foot massage during our stay. On the first day breakfast was a twice baked potato that was wonderful.

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