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About Prescott Arizona

Prescott, or "Preskit" as some of the locals seem to call it, is a small town in central Arizona that was once the territorial capital. The city was founded originally as a mining town. The town is proud of its cowboy heritage. The town's "whiskey row" is a former "red light district" in the heart of the city near the courthouse. While whiskey row once was the home to many brothels and bars, the brothels have all made way to restaurants and shops. Prescott is also home to the self proclaimed "World's Oldest Rodeo."

Ghost Stories

There are several locations that are supposed to be haunted in the Prescott area. The Hotel Vendome and the Hassayampa Inn both have their own listings on out website about there ghost stories, but there are several other locations in the city that have their own ghost stories that we felt did not warrant their own full page. Those stories are collected here.

Coyote Joe's, a bar located on Whiskey Row, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Annie. Strange things have occured in the pool room and the kitchen. It is reported that the building was at one time a brothel, which is not surprising given "Whiskey Row's" colorful history.

The Prescott Fine Arts Association Theater now occupies what used to be the Sacred Heart Church. The church began construction in 1891 and is on the National Historic Registry. Two catholic priests are said to haunt the church, including one who was killed in a fire in 1904 that destroyed much of downtown Prescott.

Fort Whipple is an old army fort located in the town.

Our Review

We stopped in Prescott mostly to visit the wife's relatives, but were pleasantly surprised by the quaint town. While there was not much for us to do in the town after dark except drink in one of the bars on Whiskey Row or visit the local indian casino, the city did indeed have its own unique charm. It was also nice to visit a place in Arizona that was green with vegetation, and while we went before the heat of summer, it does not seem like a town that would get as oppressively hot as most of Arizona.

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