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About Colonel Silby's Bed & Breakfast

Colonel Silby's Bed and Breakfast was originally built in 1896 for Colonel Sislby, a hero of the Civil War. It is a Queen Anne victorian listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ghost Stories:

The most haunted room in this B&B is reputed to be the "Elizabeth Suite", the suite in which we stayed, but no unusual activity happened in the room during our visit. The ghost is said to be that of Elizabth Silsby, the grandaughter of Colonel Silsby. Elizabeth is supposed to be a friendly spirit. There are reports that she has turned on and off the showers and sinks, opened and closed doors, and even sat next to guests in bed. We had some fellow guests tell that just the morning before when they were just sitting & reading, a jar of jelly fell off the stacked display of jellies for sale. These guests (who also saty in this B&B once a year while they enjoy the OSF, tell us that Col. Silsby himself is still around. Ghosts or Gravity: You decide.

Our Review:

Accomodations: A really quaint Bed & Breakfast. We really enjoyed the Elizabeth Suite. A small built on cottage complete with a mini kitchen and better yet, a jacuzzi. It was originally built as the room for the innkeepers, but when a previous owner purchased a house down the street a little ways, the old room was remodeled into a suite.

The Inn is located only a few blocks from restaurants, shops, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Breakfast: We had the "Taming of the Shred" Shredded eggs and mushrooms over toast served with poached pears and cinamon. It was better than the corny name.

We stayed here as part of our "Haunted Honeymoon." You can learn more about our stay by visiting our honeymoon pages day 5 and day 6.

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