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About Thornewood Castle:

Thornewood Castle was completed in 1911 to the exacting specifications of Chester Thorne, one of the founders of the port of Tacoma. Construction of the 54 room mansion took 3 years. The grand staircase was imported from a mansion in England, and the red brick exterior from Wales. On display here is a sizeable collection of stained and painted glass from the 15th to 17th centuries that Mr. Thorne had purchased from an English Duke. The mansion was unfortunately turned into apartments after the death of Chester Thorne, but through painstaking efforts, the castle has been restored to its original configuration.

Ghost Stories:

We heard many stories of hauntings at Thornewood Castle and had some wonderful long conversations with the owners and staff about the beautiful houses ghost stories.

As per Gigi, The mother of the owner of the castle.

Anna's Room: A woman has been seen to sit on the window seat and can usually be seen by glancing at said window seat in the mirror's reflection .

The 3rd Floor Closet: One guesst was rummaging thru the closet when she felt someone behind her. it turned out to be a man in old style clothing with his hand on his hips as if to imply she should not be there. When the guest looked back up, he was gone.

Hall of Mirrors: There is a carpet runner that moves to the right of the hallway. Even if it is re-centered & no one has been there, it still migrates back to being off center.

Sewing Room: Footseps have been heard outside the door, but no one was there.

Lights have been actually seen to unscrew themselves from the sconces.

A white-haired girl has been seen to go into the office, but is not there when the door was opened.

As per Beth, who was working there: A man in grey has been seen in the music room.

Kryis got an unusual feeling in the Hall of Mirrors and the Lord Byron Suite. Bryan admits feeling like he "did not belong" in the Lord Byron Suite. Bryan also experimented a but with the runner in the Hall of Mirrors by moving it halfway into the center of the hallway. It did not move back while we were staying there.

There is a story in the journals about a woman and her daughter insulting one of the paintings by insinuating that she was ugly. She and her daughter immediately felt the need to apologize. Later, when they were walking down the stairs, the mother slipped right as she approached the picture and fell. The daughter laughed, and as she continued down the stairs, also slipped, but managed to catch herself. They both blamed the picture. (FYI I do not beleive the pictures have any connection to the house)

There are some more stories included in the room journals, we took some photographs of relevant pages from the Rose Red room journal and you can see them here.

Our Review

Accomodations: This place is magnificent! There are 3 floors and several rooms,all with a different theme. Rose Red, Blue Room, Gold Room, Casablanca Room, Anne's Room, Chester's Room, The Sewing Room & Lord Byron's Suite. The mansion is lavishly decorated with antiques, wooden paneling & stained glass from the 1300's to the 1700's. There is a gorgeous view of theAmerican Lake from the rear windows of the castle.

Breakfast: Our breakfast was buttery Blueberry pancakes, but I'm sure they change the menu every so often.

We stayed here as part of our "Haunted Honeymoon." You can learn more about our stay by checking out our honeymoon pages day 7 and day 8.

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