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About Bella Saratoga

Bella Saratoga is a restaurant in Saratoga California. Converted from a private residence long before its current incarnation. It was the former site of the restauran Bella Mia (which is now located in downtown San Jose), and before that it was the location of the Saratoga News. There were reports of ghostly activity in the building as far back as its use a news office.

Ghost Stories

The ghost of a woman is said to haunt Bella Saratoga. Most of the supernatural activity happens on the second floor. The woman's bathroom and second floor office in particular are sites of activity. Doors open and close on their own and an eerie or uneasy presence has been felt.

Our Review

We have been to Bella Saratoga three times in the past year. The morning after the evening of our first visit, I came down with a case of Transient Global Amnesia. As a result, my recollection of the experiecne is a cloudy. Luckily I was there with two other people. Our meals have always been very good here, and the service has been excelent. It is not the fanciest or most prestigious restaurant in the area (Saratoga's little restaurant row), but it is a good meal and on most days you can walk in without needing a reservation.

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