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Day 1
April 8th, 2007

San Jose, CA to Las Vegas, NV

She Says

He Says

Started out with the usual hurry-up-and-wait procedures that are inherently a part of traveling by plane. We get everything ready, including making sure that we are not bringing any liquids or gels in containers larger than 3 oz. that are also not in 1 quart or less bags in our carry-on. We get driven to the airport by my mother and wait in line a curb-side check-in to check our bag full of all our dangerous liquids. We finally get to the front of the line in time to hurry to the security checkpoint and wait in line. To hurry to departure gate so we can wait in line. We get on the plane, fly to Las Vegas so we can hurry to the baggage pick-up carosel. We then hurry to the rental car shuttle and wait. To hurry to the rental car counter so we can wait in line. We are told to pick out a car from any of those "passed the PT Cruisers." We find a maroon Dodge Calibur and load our luggage, get in and situated, only to find that the battery is dead. We get out, pull out all of our stuff and drag it to another Dodge Calibur (this time white). I checked to make sure it would start before we loaded it up. It did. We drove to the hotel, along the strip... in heavy traffic. But we wanted to check out what all the changes were. We get to the Treasure Island and hurry to the check-in line... and wait some more. Finally we are done, we're there. We are in our room, and our vacation can officially start.

After we checked in we had lunch at the "coffee shop," I am sure my wife will rant about that. After food we went to the Venetian to pick up our Blue Man Group tickets. We explored the canal shops at the Venetian and the rest of the casino before heading off to the Greek Isles Hotel Casino to pick up our tickets for the Haunted Vegas Tour. The Greek Isles Hotel Casino is a bigger hole in the wall than I have ever seen before in my life. If not for the tour leaving from this place I do not think that I would ever come here.

After that we did some geocaching and headed to the Las Vegas Hilton to grab a bite to eat at Quarks's Bar. Ever since I started coming to Vegas with my friends back in the late 90s I have eaten once at Quark's every time I visit sin city. Had a Borg Queen (which was essentially a sour appletini) and my with had a Talisian something or other. Food was OK. Nothing great, but better than a lot of places. I played some blackjack until it was time for us to go back to the Greek Isles and wait for the tour to start. I do not know why they told us to get there a half an hour early. The casino games sucked, and there was hardly anyone there. If you are gonna go on the haunted vegas tour. You do not need to get there that early!

The show was a little hokey. Strated off with some standard magic tricks, a video clip or two about haunted places in Las Vegas and then on to the bus.

The tour part was interesting, some of the things that the tour guide said were funny, but most of the stories were ones that I had read online. It was nice to actually be able to go around to the places. We got to get off and explore at the Flamingo and at Green Valley Park. Some of the places mentioned on the website were not included on the tour. I wonder when they changed it? Come to think of it, I wonder WHY they changed it? Complaints? I think the show and tour are a decent value, but I liked the comedy aspects of the Seattle Underground tour better. Afterwards we headed back to the "TI" and sleep.

More information on the Haunted Vegas Tour can be found here.

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