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Day 2
August 2nd, 2004
Healdsburg, CA to Mendocino, CA

She Says

As of 1pm: Had a hard time sleeping at Madrona Manor. About 11:30 I woke up in that weird state where I am aware, but can't move or even open my eyes. When I did, I had an afterimage of a very dark green sphere.

My allergies kept me awake, as well as the pillow being too fluffy. Eventually I did get sleep. I did dream of Bryan, Chris, Amanda and ABC being in a car together, but Amanda looked like Leelu from 5th element, but with darker red hair. Like Chiana's when she had blue skin.

We had breakfast at the manor. Continental style: I had Brie on Ham with hard boiled eggs. Yummm.

The manor is filled with antiques. The carriage house has many asian and japanese looking things. Beside the checkin desk is a print of a caucasian girl in a kimono by Conrad Kiese.

Bryan wrote my mom a letter on manor stationery. We mailed it today. Mom should be even more enamoured with him than she already is!!!

Since then we have mostly been driving along the backroads and seeing the wineries. We saw a lot of sheep. We both thought of Chris.

He Says

We woke up on the second day and spent some time hanging out on the semi-private patio connected to our room. Then we headed to the main house for breakfast. This was one of the best continental/buffet style breakfasts that I have ever had. We talked for a while with an older married couple from Arizona that was sitting next to us during breakfast.

After breakfast we walked around the grounds and snapped a few more pictures. Including some purple flowers.

We then went driving aimlessly through the wine country. Not being big wine drinkers, we did not actually do any wine tasting, but just enjoyed the natural beauty of the ambling hills and fields of grapevines.

Eventually we headed up towards Mendocino. There was a great deal of construction or maintanance, or something, going on along the windy roads to the coast. We had to detour numerous times, but eventually we ended up in at the Mendocino Hotel for check in. We walked down the main street on the coast of Mendocino. Kryis saw a shirt that she liked in one of the stores. But, more on Mendocino tomorrow.

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