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Day 15
August 15th, 2004
Seattle, WA to San Jose, CA

She Says

Woke up early to pack our things & say goodbye to a life supplied with maid service.

It took a while, but we did eventually find our way down the Seattle streets to find Pike Place Public Market. It looked like a farmer's market/street faire.

We would have liked to have stopped, but we couldn't find parking anywhere. When we did find parking, it was so far away that we wouldn't have had time to park, walk the market, & walk back without missing our flight.

So, now we'll have something to do when we come back.

I'd really like to come back to Seattle sometime & finish the city, take a ferry to Victoria, see more there, & then ferry back again to Seattle. Next time we'll just leave the car in the US & spare ourselves the wait & vehicle ferry fees!

Driving south to SeaTac Airport, Bryan kept asking me to try to get pictures of the Qwest Ballpark...

The wait at the airport wasn't too bad. At least we found the rental car return in a timely fashion & were able to get to our flight without having to run for it!!!

Bryan's folks were nice enough to pick us up and we got home where my mother was there to meet us with open arms & a condo that she cleaned for us & the chance to open all our presents!!!

He Says

Got up early in the hopes that we would be able to check out Pikes Place Market for at least a little while before we had to speed off to the airport. But, unfortunately, by the time we navigated our way down too Pikes Place (we stupidly left the map in the trunk), we did not have enough time to park and check it out. Not that there was anywhere to park anyway. So we headed off to the airport.

Airport and flight were uneventful.

My parents picked us up from the airport and took us home. Kryis's mother had cleaned up some of the mess we had left in the mad scramble the few days before our wedding. There were a slough of feral cats and kitties waiting for us when we got home. All eager for some food, no doubt. And a plethora of unopened presents just begging to be relieved of their confining wrapping.

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