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Day 6
August 6th, 2004
Ashland, OR to Troutdale, OR

She Says

Woke up, still no ghosties. I am coming to believe that sleeping in haunted places helps me sleep deeper.

David cooked breakfast for all 11 guests. Poached pears with cinnamon and the Taming of the Shred (shredded hard boiled eggs and portabello mushrooms over toast)

We talked with the other guests, some from Concord and others from Petaluma (but once San Jose) Turns out that our host knows the Porteras in SJ that I grew up near. Distant cousins or something.

Someone suggested us seeing the play "oleanna"

We finally got our first ghostly sighting from one of the Petaluma guests. 11:30 yesterday morn the couple was just sitting in the library and a jar of jelly fell off a shelf. No one near it, it just fell. I took a picture of the Haunted Jelly (Pinot Noir jelly!) I'm sure when we get done telling this story, the jelly flew about the room and the a haunted knife spread it spookliy across some haunted toast.

The other guests told us that Col. Silsby is still in the house, but also Elizabeth was mentioned. Apparently the Elizabeth Suite we stayed in used to be the prior owners home until she moved next door. I also noticed that the owners change hands every 10 yrs or so.

I bought some citrus scented lotion from the shelf near the haunted jelly and we went downtown.

I bought some rosemary sourdough bread for the trip, as eating loads of jelly bellies can just make me sick. The bead shops were the same as home, so I passed on the beads. However there was Unicorn gifts and toys that was neat. I found a Faery of the Ravens, and thus bought it. www.dragonsite.com.

Somehow when we left Ashland, I felt we should have bought some haunted jelly too...

As we drove back to interstate 5, We passed a homeless man with a sheep on a leash. I made a comment to Bryan, "I'll give you money if I can borrow your sheep!" I wonder if the cardboard sign said "will work for ewe"...

About a 4 1/2 hour drive to Troutdale later...
McMenamin's Edgefiled is large! But the brick and white exterior hides a lot of interior spunk. One cannot walk 10 ft without seeing another interesting mural. So...

I took more pictures... We ate at the Black Rabbit restaurant, 2 NY strip steaks.

Afterwards we wandered the grounds and went to a wine tasting. We both agreed that the 2002 vineyard select white riesling was awesome. I'd like to get a bottle for sooner and wait for a later anniversary. But how to pack it???

Night had fallen so we got the film camera and cassette recorder and went walking the ex-infirmary, which is now the hostel wing. At the end of the hallway is a set of double doors with a stairway in it.

The stairs go down the the winery, but the stairs that go up, go around the corner and then seem to go no where.

The brick wall says "hell". Spooky...

He Says

What is with mushrooms? Everywhere mushrooms. Yeach! Breakfast was okay, despite the fungus shredded across and amongst my eggs.

Kryis and I were asking about the "hauntings" of the place and got a story about "haunted jelly." Apparantly when this other couple was sitting in the sitting room, a jar of jelly made by the previous owners of the B&B fell from off the other jar of jelly is was stacked on top of and made a loud noise. The new owner (which looked and acted surprisignly like Kryis's ex-manager) came running in wondering what had happened. No one knew. They surmised that it must have been one of the jars of jelly when they knocked another jar off and it hit the shelf with the same noise. Kryis seems convinced (or at least claims to be convinced) that this must mean that a ghost pushed it. I, however, believe that Issac Newton had the right idea.

We explored a little more of Ashland looking for a post office or a mailbox. It took us a while, but we eventually found one. We stopped off at a small toy shop, and Kryis bought a few things including a "Raven Fairy." ShruG.

As we were getting to the freeway, we saw a homeless looking man hitchhiking on the side of the overpass with a sheep on a rope. Oh how I wished that the digital camera was not in the trunk at that particular moment. Oh well.

We finally got to our next destination in Troutdale OR, McMenamin's Edgefield. It was on a former poor farm, and had that bucolic feel to it, with a hint of alcoholism. It was a large property that contained at least 7 different places to get drunk. A brewery, a winery, a distillery, a pub... We got our room--in this place we had to use communal bathrooms--and then went to go get some food at the only restaurant we had seen up until that point. The food was okay. Kryis kept on taking pictures of these murals and paintings that were all over the palce that I did not particularly find interesting.

After we ate we wandered around taking pictures of paintings, and then more pictures of paintings... and then we went outside and explored the grounds. We went back inside and Kryis took more pictures of murals, and then some more, and then just to be different, she took a few more. We did a wine tasting in the winery. We talked to some other couples that were in the winery with us until we decided to do some ghost hunting.

We got the film camera and the voice recoreder and explored some of the areas that are rumored to be haunted. One wing that is the former infirmary is supposed to have a lot of activity, we took some pictures there, and other places. There was a wedding reception going on so we did not have the greatest environment for EVP. We wandered back through the winery and saw the couples still there and talked to them some more before we headed back to the main building and did so more hunting before bed.

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