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Day 11
August 11th, 2004
Vancouver, BC to Victoria, BC

She Says

Woke up in the Opus and decided I really like the comforter and duvet. It was like sleeping in marshmallow creme! Its nice and fluffy inside, but the outside fabric has a nicely textured rayon/poly like feel. The only problem? Its white! I don't know what is the filling to the pillows but they were very comfortable. Not too hard, not too soft. It doesn't feel like down or feathers, but after dismantling the layers of pillow cases, I found a contour feather sticking out.

Breakfast at Elixir, the Opus' restaurant. fluffy pancakes with caramalized peaches and vanilla whipped butter. The hot chocolate was overflowing with whipped cream. It looked much like a volcano in a huge white coffee cup.

The people in Canada have all been very friendly and helpful. Our waiter at the Marriott, the waitresses at Elixir, and the Opus staff...

We drove about Vancouver. The chinese gardens were not very interesting, and china town was small compared to SF. Stanley Park was impressive. We drove thru wishing we had had more time to get out and hit the trails. Lots and lots of big trees to see and museums and such as well. (Imagine Golden Gate Park with less meadows and more trees.)

After, we drove east to find Playland, the nearest amusement park. Small and county fair-ish, but the way there took us through a very...interesting part of town. So this is where they put the crack dealers and prostitues...

Running low on time, we went off to hunt ferries. We managed to catch one. I took a picture. Whilst waiting in line, I watched a raven chasing a seagull, it was funny.

The view from the ferry is beautiful. After about 40 mintutes of open ocean, we get another 45 minute mini tour of the islands on the way to Schwartz Bay on Vancouver island.

Remind me that I need to tell people that we are honeymooning every time Bryan and I go on vacation!!!

We got upgraded to a suite here as well!!! No extra charge, just regular room rates and we are on the 14th (13th) floor with a spectacular view.
The kitchen is ok, a living space is nice, but the View...WOW!

They even left a note on the dresser to congratulate us on our marriage and little boxes of chocolate!

All because when I booked the rooms, I told them it was our honeymoon!!!

So Bryan and I broke out a bottle of Jones Green Apple Soda, 2 wine glasses and the chocolates and we toasted to our honeymoon...

Only being about 6pm, we hit the nearby streets. I find it interesting that a lot of signs are in english and japanese. French I could see, but apparently there is a large asian culture here according to travel guides.

The Crystal Conservatory has bats!!! Indian fruit bats. Also in the nocturnal section: Short tailed leaf nosed, egyptian and jamaican fruit bats. They're all so cute...

Miniature world was interesting if you realize how much work must have gone into all the models. There was a working model of a lumberyard (that they couldn't run due to fire regulations) that had a video to show how it worked. Nifty.

The harbour area is much like SF, it has street performers and vendors. Lots of touristy places and restaurants.

Dinner was teppanyaki at Japanese Village. The plum wine was very good. Takara brand.

He Says

We had breakfast at the restaurant attached to the hotel. It was a good breakfast. After breakfast we tried to drive by some of the other attractions in the city. We went to the Chinatown and checked that out, and drove around a little more of the town.

We drove though Stanley Park but did not get to stop and walk around or explore. We knew going in that we would not have enough time to do Vancouver in one day, but we got a nice sampling for when we come pack some time

There was something about Vancouver that made me really want to play Sim City

I was really was tempted to go and check out Point Roberts... a small little peninsula not attached to the rest of Washinton, only to BC that is still part of the U.S, but figured we did not really have that much time, so we just headed strait to the ferry.

The crossing was nice. Going through the San Juan Islands was beautiful.

When we got to the outskirts of Victoria I was wondering why people said that it was so beautiful, it did not look all that beautiful to me. But when we got to the more touristy part of downtown, I could definately see why. Our hotel did not look all that impressive from the outside, and getting there was interesting due to an odd arangement of one way streets near the hotel. But...

We were upgraded to a suite here as well, just because we were on our honeymoon. Great! Room was nice. Seperate living room and even a kitchenette. It also had a gread view of the Empress Hotel.

After relaxing for a little while in the room and checking out the tourist pamphlets and such we headed out to explore some of the local attractions. We went to the Crystal Conservatory and Kryis got to tell me how "cute" bats were. I think they are ugly. They might be fascinating creatures, but "cute" is definately not a word I would use to describe them.

After that we went to Miniture World, which was interesting. The best model was the one of the sawmill that was actually functioning, but they were unable to have it running due to fire regulations. Too bad. The video of the model being operated allowed us to see what it all could do though.

We walked along the harbor and saw some of the street performers before deciding to get something to eat. We went to a Japanese restaurant and then to bed.

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