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Day 5
August 5th, 2004
Eureka, CA to Ashland, OR

She Says

Slept deeply, and no ghosties seen. Still no internet signal yet, but there is cell access for me. But Bryan's cell service hasn't kicked in yet.

We had breakfast with our hosts, Doug and Lily Vieyra. Very charming people. Its like having a comedy team and teutonic hospitality rolled into one. Doug told us a story about a couple they had who was on their 60th anniversary having breakfast with a newlywed set of honeymooners. The older man told the that the secret of the happy marriage is to twist in the earplugs, nod and say "yes dear." Afterwards all laughed except for the elder lady, who make a twisting motion towards her own ears and said "did he say something interesting?" The breakfast was good as well. Slices of ham, havarti, fruit sampler, pastries, banana-orange juice etc.

Doug did say that the ghost "Elizabeth" did all the dusting that was out of their reach in exchange for room and board, but otherwise Elizabeth stays to herself. Apparently she has another name they call her, but they have forgotten it. The B&B is in another book by Robin Mead called haunted hotels. Something to look into later.

Remember Milton from Office Space? He apparently got a job working at a roadside rest stop just North of Eureka.

We drove up to Prarie Creek Redwoods state park and took the coastal drive. I didn't realize how high up we were until we pulled over and looked down to the surf. Got some really good pics of trees. I talked to a raven there, but he didn't seem inclined to follow me home.

Lunch: Crescent City taco bell.

Finally we arrive in Ashland.

When we got to the door, Dave Portera, who bought the place off Tony and Rosemary, reservations and all, was at the door, scotch in hand. We must have been the last ones in, since he asked if we were the Reeds. The house is done in a floral country, but our room is lavender and white,(olive carpet) with purple flowers on the bedding and plants hanging from the ceiling.

There's a neat little touristy area downtown that reminds me of Mountain View's Castro district. Lots of food places, antiques, books, and 3 bead shops. We ate at Pasta Pianni? Bryan had gemelli, and I had bruschetta and asparagus. After, we went back to our room, fireplace, jacuzzi and all that. We even have 2 rubber duckies: a purple and a yellow.

He Says

We had breakfast at the B&B with the owners. They were nice. I wish the whole place was in a different city. We stayed longer than we had intended just listening to their stories about guests and ghosts and such. I was sad to be leaving Abigail's Elegant Victorian, but not so sad to be leaving the city of Eureka. We had read about a very nice victorian mansion in the city, the Carson House, so we decided to check it out. It was the beautiful. We can't go inside because it is a private club, but the outside was phenomenal.

After we left Eureka, we headed north to the redwoods. I really liked walking through the redwoods. They were beautiful. We had originally stopped at the information center for the park we were in, but if you stay for longer than a half an hour you have to pay. So we just quickly stopped off at the center checked it out and drove down the road. We parked just about a mile later and got out and hiked, and didn't have to pay. That seemed odd. Anyways... We had our picture taken next to a large tree that had a sign in front of it that read Big Tree. We continued out drive and detoured aling the coast. It was beautiful. We pulled over at one point when the road had become gravel, and looked out at an overlook at the beach and pacific way down below us. It was amazing. There was a pickup and a man down there and they were so small. We stayed for a while just taking in how beautiful it was.

We needed to get going so that we could get to Ashland and Colonel Silsby's Bed and Breakfast before it got too late.

The rest of the drive was actually nice until we got inland to I5. Then it was failry boring civilization looking stuff (But I did see a Toys "R" Us) We got to Ashland and the B&B and checked in. It is nice. Not in the main house, again. We have out own Jacuzzi with purple and yellow rubber duckies.

We went out to explore the town and get something to eat. 5 seperate people wearing Democratic National Convention t-shirts asked me if I wanted to help get Bush out of office. It was annoying after the second person. I wished they could just stick to one street corner. It was hard to find a restaurant that we could both agree upon, but finally we found one. It was okay.

Then we went back to the B&B. We talked a bit to some of the other guests and then went to the room.

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